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Press & Reviews

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Ranked #1 gelateria in London and #6 in the world by leading culinary blog (June 2014)

Top 10 Britain's Best Ice Cream Makers by The Telegraph (May 2014)

Certificate of Excellence 2015 Tripadvisor 90% of reviewers rating La Gelatiera "Excellent"

"They produce some of the most delicious gelato I have had the pleasure of trying of late: silky smooth texture, delicate inspired flavours made by people who really care about the provenance of every ingredient". - Evening Standard – Anna Hansen, Head-Chef and Owner of The Modern Pantry

"Clever, creative flavours such as caramelised fennel seeds with candied Sicilian oranges, balsamic and the whimsical Kibana (banana and kiwi) reflect La Gelatiera's younger, fresher vibe. Raw materials matter here. They are supporters of the slow Food movement. This charming gelateria feels less varnished than other west-end establishments". - Financial Times Weekend Magazine – Signe Johansen author of Scandilicious Baking.

"I found La Gelatiera to offer such extraordinary flavours like nothing I have tasted before that I wanted our 700 athletes competing at London 2012 to experience it". - Cuan Peterson, Director of Performance Sports Marketing, Oakley

"This is no ordinary ice cream. It's smooth and creamy and very rich, seriously sinful in taste. I have never, ever had a chocolate sorbet that good." - Cookwitch Creations

"La Gelatiera cleverly sets itself apart with fun design, unusual flavours, and a menu that goes beyond simple cup and waffle cone. The staff have an infectious enthusiasm for their product, encouraging patrons to try as many flavours as possible before making their selections." - Time Out


"La Gelatiera makes the most gorgeous gelato I think I've ever tasted, and with such varied flavours – Balsamic Vinegar for one is beautifully creamy with only the slightest bite of balsamic after taste – it is an odd, but entirely pleasurable experience." - Munchingmissy

"Thought that the Pistacchio at La Gelatiera was superb, complex multi-layered flavour". -

"A Cool Artisan Gelato and Coffee Parlour. Hit it while it's hot — and remember where you got the scoop." DailyCandy

"Covent Garden is set to become London's hotspot for high-end Italian gelato, as LA GELATIERA artisan gelato, opens for business at no. 27 New Row." - Food 'N Drink

"Like ice-cream but not ice-cream, gelato is finding fans with a more cultured sweet tooth. And La Gelatiera is just the place to get it." - The London View

"The perfect way to add a splash of sunshine during the winter months." Daily Mail Online "It is incredible that everything is made by hand & the quality delivered if first class" - M/P Mag

"The gelato at la gelatiera is smooth and definitely much creamier than most gelato that i have eaten and there is good reason for that." - Come. Con. Ella

"I fully intend to frequent the pretty little sorbet hued establishment several more times in the near future to enjoy more of their super creamy gelato." - The Faerietale Foodie

"Some like it hot – I like it gelato" - Lost in London

"The store's design, features raw surfaces and natural colours, creating an aesthetic that underlines the organic quality of the ice creams on sale." - Protein

"It is a gorgeous little shop. What I found was owners incredibly passionate about making the best food they can with the best possible ingredients. The chocolate gelato was rich with just the right balance of sweetness. Delicious". - World Chocolate Guide

Waffle cone with: Aceto Balsamico: Caramelised aged Modena balsamic vinegar. Custard cream with lemon zest. Orange & rosemary. Pumpkin. 15/20 - Gluttonous Sins

This modern, artisan parlour makes all its gelato by hand, using a traditional Italian slow-mixing process called mantecazione. Its profile was raised this summer thanks to a deal with Oakley to supply gelato to the sports brand's athletes "safehouse" during the London Olympic Games". - The Grocer Dairyman