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The Flavours

Our gelato and sorbet flavours change on a daily basis to reflect seasonal variations and to keep your taste buds alive. To find out what flavours are currently available and what we're working on in the laboratory, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Here is a selection of our most popular flavours.

Unique gelato & sorbet flavours

Great Taste 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 winners

(*) One gold star (**) Two gold stars (***) Three gold stars
(Top 50) Top 50 Foods award
(London's Best) Best Specialty London and South East award


Honey, rosemary and orange zests (***) (London's Best) (UK Top 50) – A rich, creamy and fresh tasting ice cream with the aroma of a Mediterranean summer country garden.

Basil and chilli (***) (London's Best) (UK Top 50) – A true taste sensation. Very fresh and aromatic with just the right heat from the chilli.

Tonde Gentille Hazelnut (IGP) (***) (UK Top 50) – An all consuming beguiling hazelnut flavour. Incredible.

Salty caramel (***) – Smooth, creamy and delicious sea salted caramel gelato perfectly balanced between sweet and bitter favours.

Porcini chocolate cream (**) – A rare blend of laced earthy and sweet flavours of the porcini mushroom and creamy chocolate.

Pine Nuts Gelato (**) - A lovely, light textured ice cream with great aromas of fresh pine nuts.

Calabrian Licorice Gelato (**) - Fabulous texture, rich, creamy base with expertly judged licorice flavour. Beautiful rich and long lasting taste.

Peanut butter, Chocolate and Caramel (*) - Crunchy roasted peanut butter with dark chocolate from Ecuador and handmade caramel for a Snickers inspired taste.

Fresh watercress and lime (*) - Milk and cream infused fresh watercress with a zesty lime finish. Very refreshing.

Cornish blue and walnuts (*)– Fantastic marriage of a gentle award winning cheese and caramelised walnuts.

Vanilla mananara (*) – Creamy, moreishly smooth favour made with the best Vanilla pods from Madasgascar.


Sicilian Pistacchio (Vegan) (***) (London's Best) (UK Top 50) - Beautifully smooth and creamy texture and gorgeous nutty flavour for this dairy free flavour.  A sorbet not as you know it.

Extra dark chocolate with Calabrian chilli (**)(Vegan) – Incredible texture and creaminess for this dairy free flavour made with the best Ecuadorian cocoa beans. Subtle spice towards the end lifts up the flavours.

Coconut (Vegan) (**) - A dairy free sorbet with 3 layers of coconut from shredded coconut, coconut milk and coconut water for a fresh and crunchy contrast and full flavour

Almond sorbet (Vegan) (**) – A unique subtle marzipan taste for this light & dairy free almond flavour.

Alphonso mango (Vegan) (*) – Juicy ripe Alphonso mango variety.

Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Brownie & Kentish Cobnut Sorbet – Rich chocolate flavour and texture with intense roasted Kentish cobnuts taste.

We have created more than 90 favours of gelato and sorbets. We introduce new seasonal flavours regularly while still retaining the classic and best-selling ones. Our gelato and sorbet bases are 100% natural, egg and gluten free and made fresh on order. Low glycemic index (GI) range coming soon. Contact us for the whole list.